Program today

BH 17:00 130 Kč ENG.F.
GRS 17:30 100 Kč
BH 20:00 130 Kč
GRS 21:00 100 Kč

Senior bio also on Friday

For complete program Senior bio click here

Play trailer Insects

Movie of the week: Insects

Senior bio also on Friday

For complete program Senior bio click here

Music before film

  • MARK BLAIR She's On Meth
  • KALI UCHIS After The Storm
  • JAMES BLAKE If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead
  • HALEY HEYNDERICKX Untitled God Song

Exhibition archive

First time here

Bio Central is the last old-school movie theatre in Hradec Králové.

The cinema has been in operation since 1929 and has had several names and managers during its existence. The cinema was reopened on December 20th 2012 after a long pause and got its original name „Bio Central“. In this new era, Bio Central continues in the golden age of the silver screen tradition, when cinema was a favorite place to meet friends or destination of family trips.

The Great Hall consists of 384 seats. The Small Hall - Studio Garsonka consists of 25 seats.

Box Office

Box Office is opened 30 minutes before the first screening


Mon – Thu 4 pm to 12 pm
Fri 1.30 pm to 12 pm
Sat – Sun 3 pm to 12 pm

Ticket reservation is possible online by clicking on the time and date of the screening.

How to find us

  • Bus stop CENTRAL
  • Buses 3, 7, 11, 12, 13, 16 a 17
  • Night bus 53

General info

Bio Central

Karla IV. 774
500 02, Hradec Králové

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