Turandot | Giacomo Puccini 0+

Franco Zeffirelli, USA 2021, Italian / Czech and English subtitles, 195 min
Turandot | Giacomo Puccini

Superstar soprano Anna Netrebko makes her long-awaited Met role debut as Puccini’s icy princess—live in cinemas on May 7. Tenor Yonghoon Lee is the bold prince determined to win Turandot’s love, alongside soprano Michelle Bradley as the devoted servant Liù and legendary bass Ferruccio Furlanetto as the blind king Timur. Marco Armiliato conducts Puccini’s stirring opera, which takes the stage in the company’s dazzling, ever-popular production by Franco Zeffirelli.

Conductor: Marco Armiliato
Diretor: Franco Zeffirelli
Scenic designer: Franco Zeffirelli
Costume designer: Anna Anni a Dada Saligeri
Light design: Gil Wechsler

Anna Netrebko
Michelle Bradley
Yonghoon Lee
Ferruccio Furlanetto

Estiamted duration: 3h 15 min (including two intermissions)


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