Saratan 0+

Ernest Abdyšaparov, KYRG - NĚM 2005, Kyrgyzstan version / Czech and English subtitles, 84 min

Kabylbek, the mayor of a small Kirghiz municipality, finds himself in an unenviable situation: he administrates a village whose inhabitants seem like typical figures from some humorous puppet performance. The ´cast´ features traditional characters - boozers, thieves, swindlers, womanizers, a cheating wife, a shaman, and a girl in the role of an unwittingly malicious jester. Other, modern characters include a nouveau riche and various types of political agitators. On top of this unmanageable mess, post-Soviet ideological chaos reigns in town as well. At a total loss, the helpless Kabylbek almost succumbs to the persuasions of a Jehovah´s Witness who, at that moment, is struggling to get a word in edgewise with an indignant communist. It seems that no one takes the mayor seriously, but, in the end, it is he who pulls his fellow citizens out of lethargy. This debut work is attractive for its bravura naїve stylisation in the portrayal of the colourful village community, and for its intelligent humour hovering between subtle caricature clever and grotesque social depictions. (source: Catalogue 40th Karlovy Vary IFF)


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