Raid on Reykjavik Reloaded 0+

Jan Hanuš, 2012, English-Czech version / Czech and English subtitles, 35 min
Raid on Reykjavik Reloaded

Last November marked 25th anniversary of one of the biggest and most successful direct actions at the animal liberation field. On the November 6th 1986, the small and sleepy capital of Iceland woke up to a very special morning. Two whaling ships were found laying at the bottom of the harbor. From the very fact that there were two ships sunk it was clear that it was an act of sabotage, not an accident. Police immediately started massive search operation but the two saboteurs from the Sea Shepherd organization were already abroad and safe. Nobody was ever at trial for this multi-million act of sabotage. Iceland put moratorium on whaling which was only called off few years ago.

Twenty five years after the sabotage a young journalist is coming to Iceland to write the piece on the renewed whaling. Instead she starts to follow a fascinating story of a sabotage, try to learn about its motives and actual executing as well as consequences.

“I just want to tell people that they can do the same thing if they are committed enough and if they believe in it enough. They should set their goals as high as they want and they can achieve them. Don´t like that there is only this one element of people in the world that do this type of things. It isn´t that way. It´s just that some people have reached certain level and they just can´t tolerate it any more. Once they overcome the ego-wall within themselves they compel to follow the higher law and not the laws established by the power structures to protect themselves. Sometimes it´s not a question whether it´s right or wrong, but just how you going to do it.” - Rod Coronado, one of the Reykjavik saboteurs.


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