Hamlet | Brett Dean 0+

Neil Armfield, USA 2021, English / Czech subtitles, 195 min
Hamlet | Brett Dean

When Australian composer Brett Dean’s Hamlet had its world premiere at the Glyndebourne Festival in 2017, The Guardian declared, “New opera doesn’t often get to sound this good … Shakespeare offers a gauntlet to composers that shouldn’t always be picked up, but Dean’s Hamlet rises to the challenge.” On June 4, this riveting contemporary masterpiece appears live in cinemas, with Neil Armfield, who directed the work’s premiere, bringing his acclaimed staging to the Met. Many of the original cast members have followed, including tenor Allan Clayton in the title role. Nicholas Carter makes his Met debut conducting a remarkable ensemble, which also features soprano Brenda Rae as Ophelia, mezzo-soprano Sarah Connolly as Gertrude, baritone Rod Gilfry as Claudius, and legendary bass Sir John Tomlinson as the ghost of Hamlet’s father.

Conductor: Nicholas Carter
Director: Neil Armfield
Scenic designer: Raplh Myers
Costume designer: Alice Babidge
Light design: Jon Clark

Brenda Rae
Sarah Connolly
Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen
Christopher Lowrey
Allan Clayton
David Butt Philip
William Burden
Jacques Imbrailo
Rod Gilfry
John Tomlinson

Estimated duration 3h 15 min (including one intermission)


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