Erik(a) 0+

Kurt Mayer, RAK 2005, German-French version / English subtitles, 86 min

ERIK(A) recapitulates a fascinating chapter of Austrian sport history: in 1966, the entire country is in a frenzy, when 18 year old Erika Schinegger becomes downhill world champion in Chile. What only the young girl assumes at that time, is soon proofed to be true, though, and shocks the world of sports: the young talent is male. In what seems to be an act of inhuman courage, she consents to, as she takes it, „rectify“ her sex and starts at 20 years from scratch: as Erik. Today Schinegger speaks openly and eloquently about his experiences, being much more self-confident than former officials of Austria’s ski association, the former physician of the ski team and journalists, who contribute to the film along with Schinegger’s mother, his former and current wife as well as his daughter. Friends from childhood remember and emotional encounters take place with former fellows from the ski team. A complex, surely non uncontroversial picture of an extraordinary person arises, who in an admirable manner has taken his fortune into his own hands. And the movie asks questions, which were long overdue.


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