Onibus 0+

Augusto Contento, ITÁ - FRA - BRA 2007, original version / Czech subtitles, 53 min

The journey of a long distance bus, which temporarily brings together a group of passengers, provides the director with a metaphorical cross section of contemporary Brazil and its problems. The bus leaves the hectic city and gradually makes its way across the rural landscape. Through the windscreen, which the driver likens to a film screen, we see how the same scenes are repeated with unique variations – traffic, sunsets and changes in the weather. Individual travellers have their own experience of corrupt government, a non–functioning social system, crime etc. Many complain about the obligatory detachment of politicians from everyday life and their utilitarianism; meanwhile, resigned women say the men in their lives have never demonstrated the slightest family feeling. These spoken fragments give the film its own particular rhythm; they are complemented by a great number of poetic shots capturing moments in which nothing happens and others which manage to find personal and societal pain beneath the surface of everyday life in one of the biggest countries in the so–called Third World.


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