Argippo Resurrected 0+

(Argippo znovuzrozený), Dan Krameš, ČR 2009, Czech version, 67 min
Argippo Resurrected

A documentary about the unique discovery of Vivaldi’s lost opera Argippo. Five years of shooting in scenes of Prague, Český Krumlov and Italian Venice during exceptional running of a baroque theatre in Český Krumlov was topped by the sensational discovery of a missing opera named Argippo. It was composed for Prague in 1730 by the famous Venetian Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) and its score, which was lost for centuries, was discovered by Czech conductor Ondřej Macek. The film follows the gradual birth of the contemporary world premiere of this opera and the search for authentic baroque interpretations; on the general level it also explores the question of the relationship between the artist and the interpretation of a piece of art.

The screening with the personnel presence of the authors!


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