Angel-A 0+

Luc Besson, FRA 2005, French-English version / Czech subtitles, 90 min

André is a criminal wanted by the Parisian underworld for his unpaid debts. He no longer has any way of escaping or anywhere to hide – and so he decides to commit suicide. Jumping from a bridge into the Seine seems like a good idea – until André sees a beautiful girl on the bridge about to do the same thing, and she’s quicker than he is. He jumps into the water after her, and pulls her out of the river… He later discovers that the girl’s name is Angela and that she is willing to reward him for saving her life by doing anything he asks. Will she actually be able to rid her rescuer of his debts? How will she do it and, more importantly, why? The black-and- white tale of crime and love Angel-A represents a short but important break in French director and producer Luc Besson’s almost six-year period spent working on an adaptation of his own children’s book – the costly animated 3D spectacle Arthur and the Minimoys.

10.7. at 20.30
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