Andalucie 0+

(Andalucia), Alain Gomis, F 2007, French version / Czech subtitles, 90 min

The title of the film by Alain Gomis can be confusing: bears the name of a Spanish province Andalusia, but only few last minutes take place in Spain. An Algerian Yacine is living his immigrant life in Paris marked by a scar that runs from his Algerian childhood to present Paris. The film flows in an associative structure slowly revealing the outsider experience of Yacin. Fragmental images represent his experiences, jokes, meetings, women, dreams and reflections of music, old football trailers or moments from ordinary streets. His final journey to Toledo represents a parallel to historical power of Andalusia; its lost dream of coexistence of the South and the North, Islamic, Christian and Jewish civilization. Director Alain Gomis (son of Senegalese father and French mother) made a movie free of pathos and tragedy but the bitterness remains.


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