Afghans Don't Flirt 0+

(Afghanen flirten nicht), Jochen Frank, NĚM 2004, 75 min

The main character of this film, Suzana Lipovac, was once one of the most successful managers in Germany until she decided to dedicate her life to humanitarian activities. After twelve years of work in Bosnia, she set off in 2003 to Afghanistan, which had been decimated by war. In the capital of Kabul and its immediate surroundings she succeeded in setting up several first-aid centers. With the financial support of the German government and private donors she set her sights on establishing a clinic in the remote region of Dashtag, where peacekeeping soldiers and humanitarian aid workers are rarely able to reach. This territory, inhabited by people from the Pashtun tribe, is considered to be extremely dangerous. Furthermore, the Pashtun themselves are evidently distrustful of Lipovac's obviously valuable project. This documentary film by Jochen Frank has received acclaim at the film festival in Hof, Germany, and is a natural and authentic recording of the complicated work of humanitarian workers in the crisis areas of the world. At the same time it is a very personal portrait of a woman who gave up her successful career as a manager to help the citizens of a country who, since the end of the war, the outside world seemingly cares less and less about.


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