Paths | Adam Sýkora

Paths | Adam Sýkora

12 April - 31 May 2021

I create sidewalks from footpaths, through which people spontaneously shorten their way off the officially set routes.

They help me penetrate and feel into the atmosphere of the place and capture the nature of the sidewalk I design.

Each place is unique and I try to emphasize and support this fact.
The paintings reflect the compositions and shapes that inspire me.

I want to create art that will bring people an aesthetic experience, but also improve their daily lives.

I do not like the cold design of sidewalks in prefab housing estates, which does not respect both the needs of the inhabitants and the nature of the landscape.

The paintings are related to my diploma thesis University of West Bohemia, Faculty of Design and Art. 

Exhibition is supported by Královéhradecký region.


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