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Bio Central * the best cinema in Hradec Králové.

It´s focused on the top quality movies and art films. We offer an alternative programme as well, such as opera, theatre or ballet inside the cinema. We host leading film festivals and exhibitions (Jeden svět, La Pelicula, Dny evropského filmu, Cinema Open and more). We also present documentary movies and we support novice filmmakers.

Bio Central is the harbor for every cinephile.

You can book tickets online on our website or by phone every working day from 10:00 to 17:00 at a phone number +420 608 33 00 88 or via Skype. Since November 2016 it´s also possible to buy e-tickets. At the cinema´s box office you can pay in cash or by credit card or you can buy a CineCard with prepaied credit.

Call us for further information: +420 777 447 599
(Please be sure that you searched the web for the required information carefully before you make the call).

E–mail: info@biocentral.cz

Box office

Mo9.30 – 21:00
Tu9.30 – 21:00
We9.30 – 21:00
Th9.30 – 21:00
Fr9.30 – 21:00
Sa9.30 – 21:00
Su12.30 – 21:00

The box office is open at least 30 minutes before the start of the first screening.


Mo9.30 – 0.00
Tu9.30 – 0.00
We9.30 – 0.00
Th9.30 – 0.00
Fr9.30 – 0.00
Sa9.30 – 0.00
Su12.30 – 0.00

You can book a table on a phone number +420 778 47 45 99 every working day from 16:00.

Today, the cinema has three screening spots:

The Great Hall with the capacity of 384 seats, including three“beds”.

Technical equipment:
Projector SONY Cinealta SRX-R515P allows 4K screening and a server XCT-S10 with 8TB drive field. Sound system Dolby EX for 35mm screening and Dolby Surround 7.1 for DCI screening. Projection screen Harkness Clarus with the reflectivity of 1,7 and the width of 12 metres. For alternative content we may use an Apple Mini Mac, BD/DVD player OPPO BDP-103D Plus and HD satellite set with the receiver Icecrypt STC-6000HDPVR. As you can see, it´s possible to proceed almost every AV content.

Studio Garsonka with the capacity of 25 seats.

Alternative area for minor film events. The seating is variable. Technical equipment: HD video projector, sound system 2.1 and a multimedia player for the most AV content. The projection screen has a width of 3 metres.

VideoCafé with the capacity of 35 seats.

Variable area which can be separated and darkened. It´s convenient especially for VJs and lectures (seating can be adjusted). Technical equipement: HD video projector, sound system 5.1 and a multimedia player for the most AV content. The projection screen has a width of 2,5 metres.

There are two exhibition areas at the cinema: foyer and CentralBar, which is dedicated to novice artists exhibitions.
CentralBar has a capacity of 50 seats. Moreover, from spring to autumn you can enjoy our pleasant outside seating at the courtyard. CentralBar is a non-smoking area. After 9 pm, you can smoke in the vestibule or at the courtyard.
The cinema is equipped with wheelchair lifts (to the Great Hall and to the VideoCafé) and with the barrier-free toilet. The entrance to balcony and to Studio Garsonka isn´t barrier free.
Non-barking dogs are most welcomed! Even to the cinema halls.
The projection screen allows slideshows in the form of slides and spots even for the advertisement. You can consult terms and conditions of the advertisement via email pr@biocentral.cz

Cinema Virtual Tour Here

Since 20. 12. 2012 it´s run by firm Centrální kino s.r.o.

Billing Information:

Centrální kino s.r.o.
třída Karla IV. 774
50002, Hradec Králové
Česká republika
IN: 28856376
VAT ID: CZ28856376
VAT registered company
a.n.: 2000322025/2010

In the centre of the Central you will find:

Petr Vítek – director and executive director of the company

Veronika Kysleá – Chief Operations Officer, screenings for schools

Tomáš Ondráček – projectionist, technical equipment

Miroslav Balcar – CentralBar

PechaKucha Night team of Hradec Králové – information for speakers

Projection cabinet


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