Map and Address

Karla IV. 774, 500 02, Hradec Králové

Box Office

The cash register is always open half an hour before the screening too.

Apart from online reservations, you can reserve tickets every weekday from 10am to 5pm by phone 608 330 088. Service is available on Skype as well. Tickets for shows at Aero and Svetozor are also available at the Oko box office.

Bar Opening Hours

Bar is opened:
Monday–Saturday 9.30 – 0.00
Sunday 14.30 – 0.00

Wifi connection is available in the bar free of charge.

How to find us

Centrál bus stop
Bus n. 8, 12, 13, 16
Night bus n. 53



General Line
608 300 433

Ticket Reservation Line
608 330 088

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