Sweet Cobra + Auxes – concert 0+

(Sweet Cobra + Auxes – koncert ), 120 min
Sweet Cobra + Auxes – concert

There will be a truly special evening. There will be two bands that are bound to each other, as almost every one of their members is bound to Czech. Auxes who are known for a number of concerts both in Bohemia and Moravia, have released several collaborative playlists (singer Dave Laney of Milemarker have worked with Day after; Auxes then split to Silver Rocket) and former drummer from Auxes, Tim Remis, who focuses now also on solo work, sings and plays bass in Sweet Cobra. Someone might have seen Tim last summer playing in the street on his banjo. Now you can experience it differently. The band behind your back with a new album (recorded by Kurt Ballou Allmighty) in your hand.

More on http://auxes.com/.

Hall, Admission: 150 CZK.


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