Sasha 0+

Dennis Todorovic, D 2010, German version / Czech and English subtitles, 102 min

Screening of film Sasha, the Audience favourite at Mezipatra Queer Film Festival in 2010.Sasha is a young, gifted pianist, who tries hard to fulfil his mother’s dream and make it to a prestigious music conservatory. His life, though, collapses when he learns that his beloved music teacher is moving to Vienna, leaving Germany for good. The only person in whom he can confide is his best friend Jiao. It seems he can expect no understanding from his family, especially his Montenegrin father, so he chooses to pretend that Jiao is his girlfriend. Sasha is, however, soon to find out that the truth will out. Dennis Todorovic treats with dainty humour, what could have been a heart-breaking drama.

Pride & Tolerance Festival.

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