Scabbard Samurai 0+

(Saya-zamurai), Hitoshi Matsumoto, J 2011, Japanese version / Czech and English subtitles, 103 min

Comedian and director Hitoshi Matsumoto gained international popularity with his quirky take on the monster movie genre in Big Man Japan and the imaginative and absurd film Symbol. Even though he does not appear in front of the camera in his third film, Scabbard Samurai fully retains his signature style of bizarre ideas and perfectly timed transitions between deadpan humor and absurd slapstick. The story revolves around a former samurai, who after denouncing his sword has thirty days to make a bitter son of a local lord smile. The crazy ideas that spring up from this premise provide plenty of opportunities for the unique slapstick talent of the non-actor / real life barman Takaaki Nomi to shine.

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