Saminjo 0+

Park Chan-wook, Korea 1997, Korean / English subtitles, 100 min

Han is a suicidal saxophonist, Mun is violent simpleton with an I.Q. of 80 and Maria is single mother with dreams of becoming a nun. Han has tried numerous times to kill himself but nothing ever works. When he witnesses his wife‘s infidelity, it is the last straw. He gets a call from Mun and both decide take things into their own hands by robbing a cafe at gunpoint. They run into Maria who is determined to find her baby who was taken from her. Maria decides to use the two men to get her baby back and joins the team.

Park Chan-wook studied philosophy at Sogang University in Korea. He began his career as a film critic and later as an assistant director; he debuted as a director in 1992. He made his mark on world cinematography with a film Joint Security Area: JSA (2000), about guards in the demilitarised zone between North and South Korea. His next film Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002) was also highly acclaimed. His feature film Old Boy (2003) won Grand Jury Award at Cannes International Film Festival in 2004.


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