The Rhythm in Wulu Village 0+

Wang Chung-shung, Taiwan 2003, Mandarin, Chinese, Bunun, English / English subtitles, 75 min

In the mountainous eastern part of Taiwan, there is a village named Wulu. Its original inhabitants are known especially for their non-typical music. As any traditional communities, the Wulu must face the pressure of the modern society. They decide to protect their culture. In schools, they teach their original language, dance and singing. Taiwan can be considered a socially and ethnically diverse environment. Thousands of Chinese refugees, long presence of the American army and immigrants from neighboring Asian contries shape the Taiwanese politics, economy, popular culture and to a large extents, the arts. How do the original inhabitants deal with this pressure? Is anybody interested in their culture at all?

Wang Chung-Shung
Studied film directing in San Francisco. After returning to Taiwan, he worked as assistant director on both featuer and documentary films. The Rhythm in Wulu Village is his full-length documentary debut. According to his own words, he did not won't to intervene with the lives of the villagers too much, so the audience is offered a strong, authentic experience of a different culture, which the director never ceases being fascinated by.


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