Rosie 0+

Marcel Gisler, SD 2013, Swiss German / Czech and English subtitles, 106 min

Jan Wislocki lives alone in the woods in the rural Polish countryside. When his grandson, the eccentric drag performer Ksawery, along with his agent Karolina pay a visit one day, he does not expect this encounter to turn into an interrogation concerning his WWII-related past. In the same way, he has no clue about Karolina’s relationship to Ksawery. Moreover, Jan is much more interesting for her than just as a grandfather of a close friend. Why is the poetry of a certain Tzvika Aigerman so important to her? How does it link to Jan and where is it today? You may perhaps ask yourself these questions during the screening. This intimate triangle will not answer all of the questions posed by this vivisection of past clashes with the present and starts an emotional chain of events... Jan is Ksawery’s only relative and despite his old age, he admires the extravagant art of his grandson. This picture is queer mainly in its form; an unconventional and unforgettable audiovisual spectacle.

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