Ogenki Clinic Adventures 18+

(Ogenki kurinikku), Takaši Watanabe, J 1991, English version / Czech simultaneous translation, 91 min

This film is terrible. This film is perverted. This film is morally bankrupt. This film is perfect. Whatever problem a patient may have with sex, the wacky Dr. Ogenki and his sexy nurse Ruko are here to help. Using a variety of unconventional methods and an extremely affectionate bedside manner, this team is devoted to bringing pleasure to those in pain and joy to those who despair. In this hentai comedy, or animated porn for adults only, based on Haruko Inoue‘s manga, the good doctor is usually in and always ready, willing, and able to deal with any sexual problem his patients might face - and the dilemmas posed by the clients who pass through his doors run the gamut! Satisfaction is guaranteed!


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