The Last Piece of Chocolate 0+

(Le dernier carré de chocolat), Jean Crépu, F 2012, French version / Czech subtitles, 52 min
The Last Piece of Chocolate

Traditionally associated with luxury and refined tastes, chocolate is an 80 billion dollar global market that continues to grow. A total of 40% of the world’s cocoa crop comes from Ivory Coast. However, the country has suffered a protracted political crisis since 1999, a situation that not even recently elected President Alassane Ouattara has been able to resolve. The investigative documentary film takes a look at the mechanisms behind the shady and brutal international trade in the context of the current economic and political situation. Panic in the agricultural-food production sector, corruption, cracking the cocoa genome, murder, imprisonment, civil war, speculation, exploitation – the grand machinations have already begun. It is already clear today that within five years the market will face a million ton cocoa bean deficit to satisfy consumer demand. Who will bite into the last piece of chocolate?

The film will be followed by a discussion with Juliette Ogbonnikan, a rice grower from Benin, and a representative of farmers’ organisation from Senegal - Kalidou Ba.


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