Birth Plan 0+

(Porodní plán), Gabriela Kontra, Kateřina Kačerovská, CZ 2007, Czech version, 57 min
Birth Plan

What does childbirth look like? How can it affect the baby's life? And how does it affect the life of the woman?

What are the current conditions in this country under which we bring children into this world? In this film we explore a terrain that is somewhat dangerous at times; we maneuvre between the camps of mutually hostile groups: supporters of medically controlled birth on the one hand, and natural birth supporters on the other.

This film traces the state of Czech obstetrics. However, ours is not a common, dryly objective portrait. Rather, it is a guide for personal use as well as a comprehensive tool that provides insight into the issue.

The authors of the film make personnel appearance at the screning! The discussion will follow the screening.


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