Plan for Brno – Plan for Your Street 0+

(Plán pro Brno – Plán pro ulici), 300 min
Plan for Brno – Plan for Your Street

Two-day conference about the urban development in Brno, which deals with everything that influences the quality of life in a city – be it mobility, environment, architecture, economic development or accessibility of services and culture. Brno fails in solving its most burning problems. Therefore, this event invites experts from abroad who have coped with similar issues elsewhere. The aim of the conference is to come up with a sustainable plan for the development of Brno.

Plan for Your Street

Brno has a great city centre. A wide range of services, pulsing gastronomic and cultural scene, as well as high quality public spaces attract an increasing number of people into the historical city core. Unfortunately, this is not true of the other town districts. They often lack pleasant public spaces, cultural institutions or facilities for social activities. Peripheral parts are simply not “lively”.

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