Paris 0+

Cédric Klapisch, FRA 2008, French version / Czech subtitles, 130 min

Professional dancer Pierre’s life is changed by the discovery that he is suffering from a severe heart disease and that only a transplant can save him. The specter of death radically alters the way he sees the world, and in particular the people he has passed by selfishly in his life. Among these are Pierre’s sister Élise, a social worker looking after her three children on her own, two carefree sisters working in the fashion industry, a homeless person, vegetable vendors, a historian who specializes in Parisian history and an illegal immigrant from Cameroon. Though none of them is exceptional, they each live their own unique lives to the full with a sense of hope and desire. The unifying element in this mosaic of stories of diverse fortunes, characters and social classes is the solidarity unwittingly kindled through chance encounters between lonely, withdrawn people. “On a subway map, Paris looks like a web of intersections. To make a portrait of it, you have to use all the routes, one line is not enough”, observes acclaimed director Cédric Klapisch of his latest work.

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