Zero Patience | Zakončení festivalu Mezipatra online | MKL 0+

(Zero Patience | Zakončení festivalu Mezipatra online), John Greyson, CDN 1993, English / Czech Subtitles, 101 min

Welcome to our cinema at your home. My cinema LIVE. Our screenings try to create the atmosphere of a cinema hall with everything that belongs to it. Screenings take place at one specific time, so you can watch without pauses and undisturbed, just like at the cinema. Cinema sounds and great music await you. Dress nicely, we look forward to seeing you!

The Mezipatra Online festival will end on Saturday, November 21, 2020 from 19:00 as a live broadcast. The closing ceremony will be hosted by the duo Buchty (Ivana Veselková and Zuzana Fuksová from Radio Wave), the evening will continue with the screening of the film Zero Patience and will be followed by a party in the form of an online DJ set. The ticket is valid for all 3 parts of the program.

An immortal, bigoted, unethical taxidermist is doing research on “Patient Zero”, the gay flight attendant who allegedly was the first to bring AIDS to North America, for a museum show about contagious diseases, helped by the man’s ghost.

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