The Father, the Son and the Holy Jihad 0+

(Au nom du père, du fils et du Jihad), Stéphane Malterre, F 2016, French version / Czech subtitles, 119 min

Bassam Ayachi is a Syrian man who has become a shining example of integration into French society. He married a Frenchwoman, started a family, opened a business. The story of his family was presented as a successful connection of life in the Islamic faith and Western values. But as the situation in his homeland worsened, his sense of patriotism took precedence, and Bassam became a spiritual leader of the resistance. His son Abd-ar-Rahman went even further and in 2011 joined the Free Syrian Army in the fight against Assad. The theme of the search for identity in disparate cultures is presented in this thrilling film with a riveting story, strong characters, and exclusive footage of the Syrian conflict.

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