Ondine 0+

Neil Jordan, IRL-USA 2009, English version / Czech subtitles, 111 min

Once there was a fisherman.... Although he’s been sober for over two years, he can’t believe his eyes when one day he fishes a young woman out of the sea who has lost her memory. She must be a selkie – a creature that brings luck to people on the mainland. At least that’s what Annie dreams up, a sick 11-year-old girl whose divorced fisherman father Syracuse has fallen in love with the woman. Whether or not Ondine is a mermaid, she moves right into the young fisherman’s home and heart. And although she lacks scales and fins, she is subject to the laws of her species: Ondine has only been given a limited amount of time and when that is up, her lawful partner will come for her.... With this love story unfolding between earth, sea, and sky, director Neil Jordan resumes his exploration of ambivalently mystical tales as represented by The Company of Wolves (1984), Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994), and the oneiric crime drama In Dreams (1999).

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