Olaf Breunig: Movies 0+

(Olaf Breuning: filmy), Olaf Breuning, 0000, English version, 60 min
Olaf Breunig: Movies

Olaf Breuning will personally introduce his short movies, made in parallel with his installations, photographs, and drawings. This screening is a part of the accompanying programme for Mr. Breuning´s solo exhibition in the Langhans Gallery Prague, held from June 19 to September 27, 2009.

A shining star on the international art scene, Olaf Breuning was born in Switzerland in 1970, but currently lives and works in New York. The chief elements of his works are irony and wit, as well as critical commentary on the globalized world. Langhans Gallery Prague has organized Mr Breuning’s first solo exhibition in the Czech Republic. The exhibition comprises a selection of his drawings and photographs dating from 1997 to 2008, his latest photo series Color Studies, which premiered this spring at Kodama Gallery, Kyoto, installations, and, among other things, Home 2, a film that was a highlight of last year’s Whitney Biennial, New York.



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