Tell No One 0+

(Ne le dis a personne), Guillaume Canet, FRA 2005, French version / Czech subtitles, 125 min

Eight years ago, Margot Beck has been murdered by a serial killer.If the killer has confessed eight of these murders, he has always denied to be responsible for Margot's one. Anyway the specific mutilations found on her body made all doubts disappear. Today Alexandre Beck, her husband, is still deeply morally injured by the loss of Margot. Only a total investment in his work of pediatrician temporary allows him to escape his memories during the day, and only Hélène Perkins' friendship saves him from total isolation to the rest of the World during the rest of the time. The uncovering of two bodies near where Margot's body was discovered brings new elements and reopens the Police inquiry. At the same time Alexandre receives a strange e-mail with a link to a video-surveillance web-cam and a time when to watch it...

Sa femme Margot a été sauvagement assassinée par un serial killer. Totalement détruit, Alex ressasse jour après jour le souvenir bouleversant de son amour perdu. Huit ans ont passé. Alex reçoit un e-mail anonyme. Il clique : une image... le visage d'une femme au milieu d'une foule, filmé en temps réel. Celui de Margot...


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