Enemies of Happiness 0+

(Vores lykkes fjender), Eva Mulvad, DÁN 2006, original version / Czech subtitles, 59 min

In 2003, Afghan woman Malalai Joya (who was then 24) appeared before the lower house of the Afghan parliament, which is practically an all-male body. She delivered a short but highly critical attack on Afghan society, which she felt had not done anything to deal with the unjust oppression of Afghan women. She was led out of the chamber within a few minutes and soon received anonymous death threats, forcing her to wear the hated burka for her own safety. Danish director Eva Mulvad follows Malalai Joya during the week leading up to parliamentary elections, in which she is standing as one of three women among forty one candidates. Her campaign is marked by threats but also by the support of villagers for whom she is often the only authority they can turn to with problems like domestic violence and forced marriage. Two years ago, the BBC declared Malalai Joya to be the most famous woman in Afghanistan. In any Western Country, this information would sound trivial, but in a country where women were only able to participate in elections for the first time in 2005 it deservedly attracts admiration.


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