Heated Blood 0+

(Vrela krv), Marko Mamuzic, SRB 2008, original version / English and Czech subtitles, 51 min
Heated Blood

Marko Mamuzic's documentary focuses on the alarming rise of neo-Nazism and nationalist factions in Serbia. By means of interviews with members of various neo-Nazi groups and their opponents, the film attempts to find out why so many young Serbs are drawn to fascism and nationalist ideology. One reason is the strong influence of the Orthodox Church in a country still isolated from the world some years after the fall of the Milosevic regime. This is confirmed by the statements of Nikolaj Velimirovic, a former bishop popular with young people on the far right, who directs hate speeches at members of sexual minorities and above all Jews; he not only blames Jews for the death of Jesus Christ, but even for the bombardment of Serbia in the 1990s. This documentary clearly illustrates the serious problem of neo-Nazism in Serbia through dramatic shots of street battles with the police during an attack on the American embassy, an attack on an anti-fascist demonstration, assaults on Roma and gays, and the burning of a mosque in Belgrade. The film won the Human Rights Award at the Sarajevo Film Festival.


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