The Greedy Tiffany 15+

(Nenasytná Tiffany), Andy Fehu, CZ 2015, Czech version / English subtitles, 80 min

Pepa is a simple-minded loser. Besides drinking cheap booze in dive bars, he spends most of the time roaming the countryside and robbing holiday cottages. During one of these adventures, he comes across a lost video camera whose original owner had found something that might just keep Pepa financially secure for the rest of his life: Buried somewhere in the ground is a treasure of unimaginable worth. Pepa cannot resist this tempting vision of easy money, and it soon destroys what little respect for moral and social taboos was left in him. A race for the treasure ensues, with more and more people drawn into it. However, it would seem that the unnerving location has its own plans for them. This fresh directorial debut expertly works with hyperbole to create an allegory about the dark side of human nature that will entice audiences with the uncompromising manner in which it combines elements of “low” genres with a unique story about the consequences of unfettered boorishness.

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