Our Brand is Crisis 0+

Rachel Boynton, USA 2005, original version / Czech subtitles, 85 min

Bolivia is awaiting presidential election. One of the candidates is quite an unpopular politician Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada, nicknamed Gondi. When he tried to run for the president in 1997, he lost. This time he cooperates on his campaign with a US electoral team Greenberg–Carville–Shrum that helped win Bill Clinton for example. This time too, the team intends to use the democratic and liberal image strategy. In the country troubled by economical problems caused by the corrupt government, the people could welcome the promise of modern democracy. At least, this is what the 'traders with success' have on mind when writing electoral speeches for Gondi, who, thanks to his US education, speaks better English than Spanish, and teaching him the 'correct manners'. The documentary debut of Rachel Boynton comes up with an interesting testimony challenging the universally acknowledge idea of the capitalistic democracy. Highly emotional reactions of Bolivian people who have every right to be angry over the situation in their country destroy the artificial clone of an Americanised president, revealing dishonesty, which only hides more egoistic intentions.


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