Na plovárně’ talkshow with Richard Belcredi 0+

(Na plovárně s Richardem Belcredim), Jan Hojtaš, CZ 2003, Czech version, 23 min
Na plovárně’ talkshow with Richard Belcredi

Richard Mořic Belcredi (1926 Líšeň – 2015 Prostějov), a descendant of the noble Belcredi family, spent his childhood at the chateau in Brno - Líšeň. However, the family property was first confiscated by the Nazis, then the communists. During the war, he had to leave the grammar school and after the war he was expelled from law studies. In May 1949 he decided to escape to Austria, from where his journey led to France. In 1953-1983 he worked as editor of Radio Free Europe. After 1989, he returned to Czechoslovakia and in the 1990’s he was Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Switzerland. The screening will be followed by a discussion on the fate of Richard Belcredi and Radio Free Europe.


Ludvík Belcredi – archaeologist, nephew of Richard Mořic Belcredi

Prokop Tomek – historian at VHÚ, author of numerous publications on Radio Free Europe

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