Lucia di Lammermoor | Gaetano Donizetti 0+

Simon Stone, USA 2021, Italian / Czech and English subtitles, 205 min
Lucia di Lammermoor | Gaetano Donizetti

Soprano Nadine Sierra takes on one of the repertory’s most formidable and storied roles, the haunted heroine of Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor, in an electrifying new staging by Australian theater and film director Simon Stone, conducted by Riccardo Frizza. Tenor Javier Camarena adds to the bel canto fireworks as Lucia’s beloved, Edgardo, with baritone Artur Ruciński as her overbearing brother, Enrico, and bass Matthew Rose as her tutor, Raimondo.

Conductor: Riccardo Frizza
Director: Simon Stone
Scenic designer: Lizzie Clachan
Costume designer: Alice Babidge
Light design: James Farncombe

Nadine Sierra
Javier Camarena
Artur Ruciński
Matthew Rose

Estimated duration: 3h 25 min (inckuding two intermission)


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