iShorts - England in Shorts 0+

(iShorts - Anglie v kraťasech ), various, GB 2008, 108 min
iShorts - England in Shorts

Britain in shorts

The March iShorts night will be devoted to “Britain in shorts”. There will be no Midsomer murders, not even the hot fuzz Nicholas Angel investigation but you will see the best British short films of 2008.

Contemporary Britain, the way you don't know it from detective stories.

March 3th February at 7:30 pm at BIO OKO (Františka Křížka 460/15, Praha 7) entry: 49 CZK

Section 44 (Hot Tail Films 2008, 4,5 min) Screenplay, director, producer: Daniel Wilson Happy Birthday in an unconventional British humor. Your 30th birthday can turn into a breaking point in your life.

Regent Street (Camel on the Line Pictures 2008, 8 min) Screenplay, director: William Archer A romantic evening on the main street in London.

How To Destroy The World (The Shop + AandP Productions 2008, 2,5 min) Authors: Pete Bishob a Steven Appleby /series of animation sketches for Discovery Channel/ Greetings! Our animation class of global self-destruction starts just now - Transport…

Date (Oval Image 2008, 3 min) Director: Zina Papadopoulou a Petros Papadopoulos Music video for Leny Platonos's song by a new London animation studio.

Top Girl (Fierce Productions 2008, 18 min) Screenplay, director: Rebecca Johnson Black and pink, simply top girl. A few episodes from lives of teenagers living in a diverse British suburb. An attractive example of a professionally made short film with brilliant visual style.

How To Destroy The World (2,5 min) … lesson number 2 – Food…

Without You (Animate Projects 2008, 5 min) Animation, director: Tal Rosner /pro Channel 4/ Calm down what happens happens mostly without you. Experimental animation.

Landing Lights (2008, 4 min) Animation, director: Graham Young New York deja-vu. 9/11, this time from “inside”.

A´Mare (Cowboy Films 2008, 15 min) Screenplay: Martina Amati a Dario Cané Director: Martina Amati Southern Italy, hot summer and two little boys far from the shore.

How To Destroy The World (2,5 min) ...and we finish with our last lesson - Computer Games. Game is over.

K (Hector Films 2008, 19,5 min) Screenplay, director: Piers Thompson Fifteen-year old Kaylee meets a homeless guy and decides to change her future. A strong story about social outsiders taking place in the middle of a rough and yet poetic landscape in a minimalistic film.

Total time: 108 min


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