Dino Time 0+

John Kafka, Yoon-suk Choi, USA/ROK 2012, Czech, 82 min

Three kids who travel back in time to 65 million years ago, where they are taken in by a dinosaur.

These three can inflict much mischief and even today they will not remain behind. Together with them we will experience adventure 65 million years old. Make your dream come true! Buckle up, Time Machine hits the road! Ernie, Max and Julia find themselves in the nest of the worst of the worst. T-Rex! To their surprise, they don´t become food, but they are regarded as young and so begins their adventure! They will face prehistoric monsters and danger at every step to ensure returning back to their own age.  Fortunately, they won´t  be alone because they will meet a lot of interesting funny creatures. Will Ernie, Max and Julie safely return back home? You will find out, but now...

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