Girls Outside of Norms 0+

(Holky mimo normy), Various, Various 2000, Various, 0 min

Set of predominantly lesbian & transgender short films.

Der Kleine Blonde und Sein Roter Koffer
CZ | 2005
English & German version with Czech subtitles | 5,5 minutes
dir.: Mark Ther
Two women sit on a bed recalling a trip they took by train. A young blond boy sat in front of them carrying a large red suitcase for the entire journey. Flashbacks of the boy with his red suitcase are interspersed with scenes of the girls’ reminiscence, in German and English, forming the crux of this very simple yet powerful film.

Whatever It Takes
Israel | 2004
Hebrew version with Czech subtitles | 18 minutes
dir.: Adi Halfin
Maya is unwilling to come to terms with the fact that her relationship with Tamar has ended and takes desperate measures to keep her girlfriend. Moreover, Tamar is planning to leave for London, which is frightening Maya, since she knows that in this case she would lose Tamar forever.

USA | 2005
English version with Czech subtitles | 13 minutes
dir.: Guinevere Turner
What would the lesbians do if they had penises? Thanks to a magic potion five lesbian friends experience one day with “their new friend”. Running around desperately wanting to use their penises, they do not realize that they are not having the social tools to make it happen.

Girl Cleans Sink*
Canada | 2004
English version with Czech subtitles | 10 minutes
dir.: Sook-Yin Lee
A lesbian heroin of this short film is heartsick and with a gun in her hand she is thinking about commiting suicide. Fortunately she finds a stain on her dress. At the laundromat, she talks to a young guy and during their slightly embarrassing, though compassionate, dialogue she begins to question her intention.

Burger und Ther
USA | 2004
English version with Czech subtitles | 3,5 minutes
dir.: Mark Ther
Who is Burger? Who is Ther? They’re artists, snappy dressers, and bad ass dancers who are on a mission to make you lose your mind.

Sweden | 2004
English version with Czech subtitles | 6 minutes
dir.: Lasse Persson
This jovial short movie is an animated musical about a young man who is afraid to “come out” of the changing room on the beach. Although looking like an attractive young lady in yellow polka dot bikini and being a star in “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini“, he is worried if the others would accept him.

My Pleasure
CZ | 2003/04
English version with Czech subtitles | 10,5 minutes
dir.: Mark Ther
What would happen if Madonna a Maria Callas were forced to share a hotel room? This witty short film, drawing on scenes from Truth Or Dare In Bed With Madonna, explores what transpired on that miraculous evening.

Offerte Speciali / Today’s Specials
Italia | 2005
Italian version with Czech subtitles | 7 minut
dir.: Gianni Gatti
A wave of sales in a supermarket tickles the customers’ fancy. One of the customers is a shy and modest transsexual, who in the range aisle experiences something that goes beyond her wildest imagination.


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