Con Man Confidential 0+

(Die Hochstapler), Alexander Adolph, NĚM 2006, german / english and czech sub, 85 min

Con Man Confidential portrays four men who pass on a special knowledge - the knowledge of obtaining something you don’t have the right to by cheating, lying and betraying. While some of the men are driven by the lust for money, others are driven by the desire for influence and power. At first glance it seems to be an insight into the world of crime – even a comical insight sometimes – but this is much more than that. After years of searching for protagonists who are willing to acquaint us with the life of crime, this is the first documentary about swindlers. The film is an intimate portrayal of the mechanics of deception, the desire to be somebody else, even if only achieved by manipulating how you are perceived by those around you.

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