Hermitage – The Power of Art 0+

(Ermitáž), Michele Mally, I 2019, original version / Czech subtitles, 90 min

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This cinematic documentary produced in close collaboration with St. Petersburg’s State Hermitage Museum, tells the great stories and events that have passed down the corridors of the museum and though the streets of St. Petersburg: from its foundation with Peter I to the splendour of Catherine the Great, from the triumph of Alexander I against Napoleon, to the 1917 Revolution, down to the present day. Inside the Hermitage, furthermore, the greatness of European art can be retraced, from Leonardo to Raphael, from Van Eyck to Rubens to Titian and Rembrandt. Toni Servillo leads us on this journey through one of the world’s most loved, most visited museums in the magic of St. Petersburg.

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