Haze 0+

Shinya Tsukamoto, Japonsko 2005, Japanese / English subtitles, 49 min

The main character wakes up to find himself in a small room, in which he can hardly move. His life is draining away through an injury in his stomach. He tries to escape from the claustrophobic space but without success. Finally he falls unconscious, begins to remember images from his past and encounters a mysterious woman whose fate is similar. The struggle of body and soul is symptomatic for Tsukamoto‘s films, however, this is the first chance for us to experience his experimenting with a digital camera in order to dive into the depth of human unconscious and to explore human fear of blood, pain and death.

Shinya Tsukamoto was born in Tokyo in 1960. He began to experiment with 8mm camera at the age of fourteen. In 1989 he directed a feature film Tetsuo – Iron Man which ultimately became a breakout hit and Tsukamoto gained reputation of an influential yet perverse director and actor. In his films Tsukamoto explores the possibilities of human body confronted with modern technologies, sexuality, instincts, fears and social conventions.


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