Cages 0+

Graham Streeter, Singapur 2005, Mandarin / English subtitles, 116 min

Ali always had a bad luck in her relationships and this time she ends up on the streets and has no place to go. Finally, she and her 7 year old blind son are forced to live with the man that Ali resents the most- her father, Tan. Now, after 20 years Tan gets to know Ali´s surprising secrets. What results is Cages, a powerful and poetic story about the intricacies of life. Set against the cultural backdrop of modern Singapore, the eloquent journey of a woman, her blind son and her father captures a unique portrait of family and tradition, while proving that love and hope are universal.

Graham Streeter was born in 1964 in California, but moved to Japan when he was 16 and spent there 10 years. After his return to U.S. he started to work for TV and made commercials, music videos (for Jeff Buckley), documentaries and shorts. His feature debut Cages was shot after four years of preparations in Singapore and will be shown in European premiere at Filmasia.


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