Boris Godunov | Modest Petrovič Musorgskij 0+

Stephen Wadsworth, USA 2021, Russian / Czech and English subtitles, 140 min
Boris Godunov | Modest Petrovič Musorgskij

Bass René Pape, the world’s reigning Boris, reprises his tremendous portrayal of the tortured tsar caught between grasping ambition and crippling paranoia, kicking off the highly anticipated 2021–22 Live in HD season. Conductor Sebastian Weigle leads Mussorgsky’s masterwork, a pillar of the Russian repertoire, in its original 1869 version. Stephen Wadsworth’s affecting production poignantly captures the hope and suffering of the Russian people, as well as the title ruler himself.

Conductor: Sebastian Weigle
Director: Stephen Wadsworth
Scenic designer: Ferdinand Wögerbauer
Costumes designer: Moidele Bickel
Light design: Duane Schuler

David Butt Philip
Maxim Paster
Alexej Markov
René Pape
Ain Anger
Stanislav Trofimov

Estimated druation: 2h 20min (no intermissions)


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