Bába z ledu 12+

Bohdan Sláma, CZ 2017, Czech version, 106 min

After the meating with winter swimmer Broňa (Pavel Nový), widow Hana (Zuzana Kronerová) starts to change her stereotypical style of life, which was dedicated exclusively to her sons (Marek Daniel, Václav Neužil), daughters-in-law (Petra Špalková, Tatiana Vilhelmová) and to her grandchildren. Meanwhile sixty years old Hana experiences love story, traditional weekend lunches keeps losing on its peacefulness and little by little it shows, that every character has his own secrets. Grandchild Ivánek becomes Hana´s unexpected ally as he starts to like racy Broňa as well as his hen Adéla and the comunity of winter swimmers of the riverside of Vltava. This story about relationship between three generations brings hope, that you can take a wheel of your life at any age.

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