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(Až do města Aš), Iveta Grófová, SK- CZ 2012, Czech, Slovak and German version / Czech subtitles, 84 min

A Romany girl named Dorota has just graduated from high school and she’s eager for life to begin. In Eastern Slovakia where she lives, however, happiness is not just waiting around the corner. So with a heavy heart she bids farewell to her boyfriend and, like so many others from her region, heads for work in the Western Bohemian town of Aš. The small border town with its Czech-German textile factory has become the hope of scores of Slovaks and Ukrainians looking for a better livelihood. But beyond the wages, such as they are, Aš can only promise her assembly line drudgery, long shifts, and unappealing accommodations. Like her peers, Dorota just wants to have fun and enjoy life a little.… Young Slovak documentarist Iveta Grófová chose a strong social topic as the basis of her noteworthy feature debut. Thanks to authentic shots and the use of nonactors, the director achieves marked rawness and maximum punch.

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