The Sari Soldiers 0+

Julie Bridgham, NEP - USA 2008, original version / Czech and English subtitles, 90 min
The Sari Soldiers

A decade-long civil war in Nepal, which came to an end in 2006 with the abdication of the king and the renewal of democracy, spelled many years of hardship for the Nepalese men and women. Many women decided to take part actively in the conflict and play a role in deciding the future of the country and their lives. This documentary follows the stories of six such women. Kranti joins the Maoist army in order to help overthrow the autocratic regime of the new king. Ram Kumari is the leader of a student movement aiming to achieve the same thing, though without violence. Rajani becomes an officer in the royal army in order to help quell the unrest. Krishna lives in a mountain village subject to attacks by the Maoist forces, so supports the existing monarchy. Devi seeks out the help of lawyer Mandira when her 15-year-old daughter is abducted by the royalist army for testifying about crimes it has committed. Will women who have abandoned their traditional roles become once and for all an integral part of new Nepalese society?


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