Anishort: Best Short Animated Films 15+

(Anishort: Nejlepší Krátké Animované Filmy), CZ 2020, Czech / English subtitles, 115 min

Best short animated films from around the world! Films awarded at international festivals. A mixture of various animation techniques, genres and entertainment. A total of 20 best animated films from 10 countries. 


Anishort is an international short animated film festival where only the 20 best films from all over the world compete. Over 1500 films from more than 100 countries have been submitted for this year’s 6th edition of the festival. Selecting competing films has relatively tough criteria, so the final 20 films are really just the most interesting selection. Five-minute shorts (on average) are diverse both in their themes and genres, introducing various animation techniques and processing to the viewers.

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