Andy‘s Film 0+

(Andyho film), Andy Fehu, ČR 2009, Czech / English subtitles, 42 min
Andy‘s Film

A mysterious film that tries to conceal its point up till the last moment. An experiment which follows the film Vesnická zábava, attempting to offer the viewer the strongest possible film experience while using minimal financial resources. It was shot in four days, and edited for the same amount of time. At this point the first run has just taken place in Olomouc - the next screenings are yet to come.

It is the longest Half-film picture, which once more united Fehu and Brouk, and thus Half-film was born again. The film features Matyáš Dlab (discovered by Fehu), Johanka Vaňousová (discovered by Chramosta) and Jan Konopčík (discovered by Tramtarijní).

The authors plan to make a third movie going in the similar fashion... the conclusion of this notional trilogy!


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