Christmas Angel Animation Workshop | Saturday 0+

(Andělská vánoční dílna animace | Sobota), 2019, Czech, 240 min
Christmas Angel Animation Workshop | Saturday

As every year, we have prepared a Christmas animation workshop for children and adults. Exchange the pre-Christmas bustle for a quiet Advent afternoon and join us to create your own animated film! The result can become an animated PF, which we send to our loved ones.

The workshop is intended for children without adults, adults without children, children with parents, beginners and advanced.

Date: Saturday, December 14, 2019, 13:00 - 17:00
Venue: Studio Scala at the Scala University Cinema
Age of participants: from 8 years (for children and adults)
The program is provided by: Scala Studio instructors

Information and applications: or via the application form -

Price: adult 600, - / child 400, - / student 500, - / adult + child 900, -
Price for holders of family pass or senior passport: adult 540, - / child 360, - / student 450, - / adult + child 820, -
(the price includes afternoon program plus all necessary materials and equipment)


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